As a rule, students arrive at FINEC 2-3 days prior to the beginning of the semester.

When crossing the Russian Border all foreign students should fill in a Migration Card and set a seal on it at the passport control. In accordance with the Russian legislation foreign students cannot be registered at FINEC without a sealed migration card received at the border.

Within first 24 hours after arrival students are to bring Passport ID and Migration Card to the Students Exchange Office (room 9, 1st floor, staircase 3).

Late registration at the Office of Visas and Registration (room 7, 1st floor, 3d staircase) as well as violation of the rules of temporal residence in Russia will result in an official penalty to the student.

When the registration process is over, students can apply for a multi visa.

The following documents are required to get a multi visa:

  • international passport, visa
  • migration card
  • copy of invitation
  • copy of a contract
  • copy of University’s order
  • state duty payment for official registration
  • 6 matt black-and-white photos taken against a light background, size 3x4cm
  • Medical certificate (HIV-test)
  • Copy of insurance policy for the whole study period

Students can make an HIV-test in St. Petersburg after arrival, it costs about RUR 300-450 (depends on medical institution and urgency). An HIV-s test taken in the home country is valid for 1 month.

Each student must have an insurance policy for the whole study period (translation into Russian is not required). Students can obtain an insurance policy in St. Petersburg after arrival.