Before arrival

All incoming students are required to obtain a Russian student visa. To apply for the visa students must get an official invitation from FINEC. Execution of the official invitation at the Federal Migration Service can take up to 6 weeks.

To get an official invitation and to be enrolled in FINEC students must provide the following papers:

  • Copy of passport ID page
  • Application form
  • Learning Agreement

Those papers are to be sent via e-mail to the coordinator at FINEC before the application deadlines.


  • Autumn semester — May, 15
  • Spring semester — November, 10

Make sure that the passport is valid for an additional 6 months after the completion of the training period in Russia (e.g. for the period of study 01.09.11 -31.01.12 the passport should be valid at least until 31.07.12).

Please, check the information concerning the program you are applying for and note that all students must meet the application requirements and deadlines

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