Rector’s Greetings

Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to thank you for the interest to Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC), one of the leading Universities in Russia.

Since 1991 FINEC has been occupying the leading position in the official rating of the Ministry of Education among state higher economic schools in Russia and we believe that it is the complex result of energy and passion of its students, academics, alumni and staff.

All the prospective students are welcome to join extraordinary brotherhood of 13 000 of undergrads and 1 500 postgraduate students; 600 foreign and 200 exchange students; 800 professors and researches within 4 campuses in St. Petersburg, Pskov, Murmansk and Great Novgorod. Doors of 14 Faculties and 48 Departments are open for everybody who is seeking high-quality education and meaningful research.
We are very thankful to all our alumni for choosing us in the past. We hope that their success in leading companies, banks, governmental institutions or even at the highest level of political and financial power is based on their hard work within the University walls.

FINEC is always open for the partners who would like to collaborate with us within exchange and double degree programs; original research projects or meaningful discussions as far as we all are responsible for the building-up of the very new generation for the rapidly changing world.

Rector Dr. Igor Maksimtsev.