Tourism and urban development

December 6, 2011

Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel 4****, St. Petersburg

II International Scientific and Practical Conference

«Experience and Prospects of Tourism Development in Large Maritime Cities»

St. Petersburg is one of the few cities that are regarded as an “aquacity”, and it is not surprising that the perspective plan for development of the metropolis is largely related to the aquatic theme. Internationally, major coastal cities, focused on the development of port infrastructure, play a strategic role in the development of the region, of the country, supply an influx of additional investments, and determine the development of urban infrastructure.
Purpose: Large scale discussions of vital problems of coastal towns in general, in particular the tourism industry, with the assistance of international expertise and representation of “best practices”.

Number of participants: 150 people

Invited participants: Committees of the St. Petersburg Government, representatives of major travel, cruise, transportation companies, councils and associations on tourism, the Administrations of the cities of Marseille (France), Helsinki, Tampere (Finland), etc., universities of Grenoble, Madrid, Helsinki and others, representatives of consulates, universities of Russian port cities (Sochi, Murmansk, etc.)

Topics of 2011::

  • Sustainable development of the port city
  • Innovative development of tourist port infrastructure
  • Logistical support of the tourism infrastructure of the port city
  • Tourist cluster of St. Petersburg
  • Business travel and event management
  • Flood prevention
  • Ecology in the large port cities
  • Development of new marine-based tourism

Partners of the conference:
LLC “Management Company Marine Façade”, Park Inn Hotes, JSC “The Council of Tourism and guided tours of St. Petersburg”, University of Grenoble, CJSC Exhibition Association “Restek”, JSC “Lenexpo”, JSC “EGO Translating” , Lora Travel Group

Breakout sessions:

Section 1 “Saint-Petersburg – Window to Europe”

  • Marine and water tourism in Russia and abroad
  • Experience in leading cities of Europe and Russia in the development of marine tourism
  • Investment in marine tourism
  • Education and HR in the field of tourism
  • Linguistic support of tourism infrastructure in St. Petersburg
  • Promotion of St. Petersburg as a key tourist destination in Russia
  • Legal support for tourism
    1. Section 2 “Current problems of port city development”

    2. Sustainable development of ports and port development strategy of St. Petersburg
    3. Experience of creating a new port “Maritime Facade” in St. Petersburg
    4. Innovation in port infrastructure
    5. New business opportunities of the port city
    6. Restructuring of port areas and the development of the coastline
    7. Environmental management of port operations

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