Bachelor Semester (1st and 2nd): “Economics&Management”

St.Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance has been the leader in economic and business education in Russia, as appointed by the Russian Ministry of Education since the year 1991. We provide foreign bachelor and master students with International Semesters, which are designed to provide you a great opportunity to understand the social, economic, legal and cultural aspects of business in international context. Such an experience and knowlege of Russia will work as a good stepping stone towards a successful international career. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of St. Petersburg, the Northern Venice.

• All tuition is conducted in English, no prior knowledge of Russian is necessary.
• Russian language classes are a part of each programme.
• Tuition is carried out by leading professors from Saint-Petersburg, and by visiting lecturers.
• Education includes various study methods: Case studies, eld assignments, consultations, projects, company visits and group work.
• FINEC is a host for more than 13 000 students. There is plenty of opportunities to interact with the local students.

The aim of the programme is to educate students of financial and managerial aspects of an enterprise working in and international context. Main focus will be on European and global integration with Russian business.


Spring 2013

Course title ECTS credits Total hours Professor
Introduction to the Russian Civilization 3 90 Anna Nabirukhina
Russian Political System 3 90 Dmitry Gavra
The Communication Competences in Cross-Cultural Negotiations 3 90 Grigory Rozhkov
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development 3 90 Natalia Sarakhanova
Competitive Strategies in Russia 3 90 Julia Solovjova
International Marketing 3 90 Konstantin Kostin
Project Management 3 90 Konstantin Leschenko
Logistics Up-to-Date. Supply Chains Management 3 90 Anzhelika Semchenko
Investment Management 2 60 Hagen Sinodoru
Valuation of Common Stock, Investment Styles & Value Investing 2 60 Bernd Muehlfriedel
International Energy Relations 3 90 Pavel Metelev
International Energy Security: Key Elements 3 90 Konstantin Leschenko
International Trade and Regional Integration: Legal and Economic Perspectives 3 90 Vladimir Talanov
Sustainable Banking 3 90 Olga Teplova
Statistics, Econometrics, and Data Analysis with Mathematica 3 90 Grigory Fridman
Russian Language 9 240 Russian Language Department