Students’ exchange

Student Exchange Programs at FINEC are implemented under the bilateral agreements with Partner Universities.


Training of Exchange students has been carried out at FINEC in Russian and English. Whatever language is chosen all the students are able to attend up to 12 hours of the Russian language a week (total number of hours depends upon the language proficiency).

Lists of available courses are sent to partner Universities by Students Exchange Coordinators in advance to enable students to get an official approval of studies abroad.

Minor changes may be made in Learning Agreements in the beginning of a semester, but in any case the total number of ECTS credits per semester should not exceed 30 ECTS.

How to apply

After an official nomination at home University a student is to take the following steps to be entitled as an exchange student at FINEC:

  • Fill in an Application form and send it to the coordinator at FINEC with the copy of Passport ID page;
  • Fill in a Learning agreement with the accordance to the English and Russian courses available at FINEC;
  • Get an official approval of studies abroad at home University and send a scan copy of the Learning agreement to the coordinator at FINEC.

Exchange conditions

Exchange students are exempted from the tuition fees; however, they independently cover expenses concerning passport and visa procedures, travel expenses, life and health insurance, catering, study materials and personal expenses. FINEC supplies free accommodation in the dormitory provided the equal exchange is observed. In case free accommodation cannot be provided due to any reason, a student is entrusted to pay for the dormitory.


Every exchange student coming to FINEC is assigned a personal tutor, who helps him/her with practical matters.
Tutors meet and accommodate exchange students as well as assist them during the whole period of training.
To learn more about tutoring system at FINEC, please, follow the link:

More information on the official procedures of getting to Russian Federation is here:

For further enquires, please contact:
Elena A. Nikolaeva
Marina A. Keoseyan

Olga V. Gaydova