Parallel sessions I

WS1: Changing Geography of Energy Demand

Moderator: Prof. Rawi Abdelal, Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Harvard

  • Business School (TBC)
  • Unconventional Energy Revolution
  • Energy Demand Expansion in Asia and South America
  • China’s Energy Policy
  • Energy Poverty
  • Energy prospects for developing countries

WS2: Primary energy supply & demand

Moderator: Ralf Dickel, ex-Director for Trade and Transit, Energy Charter Secretariat (2004-9/2010), Fair prices of energy resources, Ralf Dickel, ex-Director for Trade and Transit, Energy Charter Secretariat (2004-9/2010)

  • Changing World Oil Supply/Demand Balance
  • Reserves and access to reserves
  • Production and drilling activity
  • Fair prices of energy resourses
  • Fiscal issues: taxation and royalty regimes
  • Renewable energy & biofuels: General perspectives and preliminary costs
  • Improving energy efficiency

WS3: Geopolitics of Energy and Energy Security

Moderator: Prof. Jacques Fontanel, Director of PEPSE, University of Pierre Mendes France Grenoble

  • Future of OPEC after Arab revolutions
  • Russian Oil and Gas and Energetic Security of Europe
  • Persian Gulf security
  • Crisis of offshore extraction

Parallel sessions II

WS4: Electricity

Moderator: Michael Kranhold, Director of corporate Strategy/Cooperation, 50Herz Transmission, Berlin, The integration of large amounts of Renewables into the Grid, challenges and rewards, Michael Kranhold, Director of corporate Strategy/Cooperation, 50Herz Transmission, Berlin.

  • Security of international supply
  • Joint electricity projects: investment in infrastructure
  • Market reform experiences
  • Renaissance of nuclear power
  • Generation from renewable energy sources

WS5: Natural Gas

Moderator: Prof. Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, London; The Future of Middle East and North African Gas, Prof. Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, London.

  • Long-term contracts and spot market
  • Shale Gas
  • Gas OPEC: possibilities and realities
  • LNG development
  • New pipelines: financing after the credit crisis

WS6: The Energy of Arctic

Moderator: Arild Moe, Deputy Director/Senior Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Oslo.

  • New talks on the future of Arctic: challenges− for politics, economy and science
  • Place of the Arctic region in the− global energy sector at present and in future
  • Development of Arctic− resources: real horizons for planning
  • Scenarios of the Arctic development− and role of Russia in them
  • Strategy of Russia in the Arctic: what matters− together with energy?
  • Global positioning of the Arctic region in the− aspects of energy, ecology, economy and geopolitics