Sustainable Product Development and Life Cycle Engineering

September 28th – 30th, 2011
Lenexpo, 6 pavilion, St. Petersburg

IX Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing «Sustainable Product Development and Life Cycle Engineering»

Modern Russia is a strong and rapidly developing state implementing the best of international practices on the fundament of its own rich historical experience. Russian economy aspires for sustainable and innovative advance together with its continental and overseas partners. St. Petersburg being the second capital and business center of Russia welcomes international partners for work and for fruitful exchange of ideas.

Innovative products and manufacturing technologies can help to address the challenges of global sustainable development. To meet the material and immaterial needs of a continuously growing global population, technology must be adapted to achieve higher utilisation with fewer resources. Non-renewable resources must no longer be disposed of, but utilised in multiple phases of product and material cycles. Renewables can substitute non-renewables, but must not be used to an extent higher than they can be regained. Immaterial needs include educational and qualification measures to increase people’s awareness, thus enabling them to cope with the interrelated economical, environmental and social challenges of sustainability by initiatives in innovative technology.

The 9th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (9GCSM) is geared towards representatives of science and industry from all continents. The conference serves as a forum for international research institutes and industrial companies related to the area of sustainable manufacturing. The conference offers keynote speeches, panel discussions, expert sessions and a poster forum. Discussions and exchange of ideas between the participants are an integral part of the meeting.

9GCSM will be a follow-up to previous conferences held at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi University/UAE in November 2010, at IIT Madras/India in December 2009, at Pusan National University/Korea in October 2008, at Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester(NY)/USA in September 2007, at University of Sao Paulo/Brazil in October 2006, at Jiao Tong University Shanghai/China in October 2005, at Technical University Berlin/Germany in September 2004, as well as the Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM) workshop held in Birmingham (Alabama)/USA in January 2003.


  • Value creation by sustainable manufacturing
  • Manufacturing processes and equipment
  • Remanufacturing, reuse and recycling
  • Product design for resource efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovative energy conversion
  • Green supply chain and transportation
  • Adequate environments for entrepreneurial initiative
  • Education for sustainability engineering
  • Economics for sustainability and development

The organisers of the conference are two most prestigious St. Petersburg universities: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) and St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

The first official part and the Plenary of the conference will be located at LENEXPO Exhibition Center along with the XV Forum and Exhibition “Russian Industrialist-2011”, the largest industrial forum of Russia involving more than 350 exhibiting companies from Russia and abroad, and about 21,000 visitors from 35 states. The second and third days will be hosted by the organizing Universities.


  • The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP)
  • Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany
  • St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
  • At St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Under the patronage of Prof. D.Sc. (Phys., Math.) Zhores I. Alferov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nobel Prize in Physics 2000.


September 28


9:00 — Registration
10:00 — Greetings
10:30 — Keynote Session
11:30 — Coffee/Tea Break
12:00 — Keynote Session
13:30 — Lunch Break
14:30 — Sessions and Lenexpo XV Forum and Exhibition Visit
18:00 — Gala Reception

September 29


10:00 — Plenary session
11:30 — Coffee/Tea Break
12:00 — Parallel sessions
14:00 — Lunch Break
15:00 — Parallel sessions
18:00 — Dinner

September 30

St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance and St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University

  • Business and cultural program
  • Student sessions and round tables
  • Visit of Vodokanal Exhibition for Water Management
  • Rock of Sustainability in FINEC

Authors should submit abstract (about 18 lines) in English, as a file and upload it to the conference website. Guidelines to prepare the full papers are available in the conference website. These papers are uploaded into the website for review and comments by the Local and International Steering Committee. All full papers will be evaluated and edited in a book published after Conference. Working languages are English and Russian.


IX Global Conference 2011 will take about 200 representatives of universities, scientists and experts from leading research centers, businesses, associations and public organizations of Russia, USA, China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and other countries.

Conference Fees:

  • International participants: €400
  • Russian companies participants: €400
  • Russian academic participants: €100
  • Students: €50

If you have questions, please, contact Organizing Committee.


Dr. Irina Vostrikova, International Office, SPbSUEF
Phone: +7-458 97 30 (2832)

Olga Borozdina, PhD, SPbSUEF

Anastasia Kondratova, International Office, SPbSUEF
Phone: +7-458 97 30 (2832)

Valentina Ignatyeva, International Office, SPbSUEF
Phone: +7-458 97 30 (2832)