Energetica XXI Century

Strategies of Post-Crisis Development: New Threats for Energy Security and Energy Demand Expansion

14 October 2011
St. Petersburg, Russia, hotel “Corinthia Nevsky Palace

Efficient energetic development shapes grounds for steady economic growth so needed by the entire post-crisis world.

  • Will the traditional resources be enough while the demand for them expands both in mature economics and developing states?
  • Will the Arab revolutions lead to the restitution of pre-crisis oil prices?
  • Will the extensive development of the Arctic shelf serve a prologue to a global conflict?
  • What will be the future of the shale gas and oil sands in the environment of traditional hydrocarbons: will they narrow the gap between the demand and offer or crush the economies of the nowadays extraction leaders?
  • Do we have new technologies and energy sources responding to the economic, political, social and ecological challenges of the XXI century?

The level of modern tools of the world energetic modeling is demonstrably insufficient. Therefore the political dialog is often based not on the accurate assessments conducted with transparent techniques but on the inappropriate information competition. The great aim of global energetic security requires the academic, political and business communities to stand together, speak one language and understand each other.


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